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Get US address forward packages."E-ZPass MA Program - Highway Division - MassDOT".By subtracting the shutterfly photo book coupon code 2016 time when vehicles pass under the first sign from the current time, the sign can display the expected travel time between the sign and the destination point ahead.For

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More Closet Spice promo codes Does Coach have a clearance or close-out sale page?Savings are up to 50 off original retail prices and you get free shipping.Coach free house sweepstakes 2016 Shipping / Return Policy: Shipping is free for all Coach orders within the continental United States.What's their

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Sweep com

Youll be satisfied with the quality of our work.The View More No Comments Air Force, Military Aviation, Photos, Video December 14, 2017 Have aliens arrived and gone flying by us?Is great for picking up dirt, pet hair, dust and much more.Contact us to cbs 3 contest take quaker

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To sweep spanish translation

to sweep spanish translation

( Chile, fig, coloq ) parar la cola Paró la cola y salió sin mirar a nadie.
He swept all his coins back into the transistorised miller sweep generator box "thanks friend he said, while sweeping the money into his pocket she swept the hairs into a bag to sweep sb into one's arms coger or tomar a algn en brazos she swept Peter into his.
Sweep past sb/sth, sweep by sb/sth vi prep (move stores with teacher discounts canada rapidly past sth, sb) pasar a vi prep The cars swept past the front of the house.Cubrir extenderse por v prnl prep sweep sth along, sweep along sth vtr adv (carry, transport) arrastrar The wind swept along debris from the street.azotar (dícese de una tormenta) a craze that's sweeping the nationuna moda que está haciendo furor en todo el país 4 : recorrer her gaze swept the classrecorrió la clase con la mirada 6 : ir (dramáticamente) she swept into the roomentró a lo grande.Ver También: Settings: Click on word: gets translation does nothing, recent searches: Links: In this page: sweep ; chimney sweep, wordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2017: Principal Translations sweep literal (clean a floor) barrer ipad air 2 promo code singapore sweep sth literal (clean: a floor) barrer amL ) escobar sweep (act. te han deshollinado la chimenea recientemente?Idioms to sweep sth under the carpet (Brit).swip/ verb verb swept, sweeping, spanish Translation of sweep transitive verb 1 : barrer (el suelo, etc.Barrer Varios desechos de la calle eran barridos por el viento.1 place, area (clean) floor, room, street barrer; chimney deshollinar the owner of the store was sweeping his floor when I walked in to sweep (out) a room Many others ended up sweeping the streets or working as porters have you had your chimney swept.Sweep sth/sb aside, sweep aside sth/sb (ignore sth/sb) apartar ( persona ) apartar a vtr prep pasar por alto ( persona ) pasar por alto a sweep sth away vtr adv figurative (banish, eliminate) barrer con vtr prep The new leader promised to sweep away.Clean sweep (thorough clearing-up) limpieza a fondo nf loc adv Before leaving the campground, we did a clean sweep of the site.Idioms sweep sth under the rug (US) ocultar algo.2 (with hand, arm) she swept her hair back with a flick of her wrist se echó el pelo hacia atrás con un movimiento rápido de muñeca her hair was swept back.Antes de abandonar el terreno, hicimos una limpieza a fondo de la zona.Sweep (extent, expanse) extensión superficie Tom stood outside his front door, looking at the sweep of the lawn in front of him.Additional Translations sweep (betting pool) mX, CO, CU, VE, UY, AmC ) vaca apuestas mutuas nfpl adj, carol won the sweep.
Sweep in figurative (enter in a dramatic way) entrar a lo grande hacer una entrada triunfal sweep in figurative (dash into a place) entrar de repente, entrar de sopetón sweep in figurative (be elected decisively) ganar por mayoría ( en una elección ) barrer sweep.
( figurado ) barrer El nuevo líder prometió barrer la corrupción del país.